Some people say love is a two way street.  If this is indeed true, what is on the opposite side of love?  Is it hate, is it compromise, is it faith?  What is your opinion?



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  1. Yes, one would hope for reciprocation. However, we know that all love is not created equal. I feel that this is a very personal birdeyes point of view. If I looked on the other side of the street of love for me, it would be appreciation; and the oncoming traffic vehicles would each carry its attributes such as respect, compromise, etc.

    • I’m responding from the viewpoint of a woman who has been happily married for decades – I give and receive the same. So I guess the next question would be, what are the expectations? Some people don’t necessarily want love. They want whatever is leftover and available because their tolerance is high, and their expectations are low. Some just don’t want to be lonely.

  2. Expectations is the key here. First one has to love oneself and understand their true value as it relates to receiving love. Then they have to realize that love and happiness are two separate experiences in that it is not the job of anyone to make them happy. Once a person is clear that love is more about sacrifice, respect, honor and submission than romance and tingly feelings – then they can put things into proper perspective.

  3. Indeed. The truth is, that not everyone looking to “Engage” in a relationship is looking for love. More men are looking to have “Fun” to the contrary of the popular secular song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…They Just Wanna, Just Wanna…. I don’t think so!

    Now we see that the other side of love could be ROMANCE! One may derive their ideas of what it should be like from books and television.

    Every couple of months, my husband and I will have a Saturday mornings like this:

    We’re the first ones up, so the house is quiet – we know that if we get out of the bed, or talk at our normal volume, it’s over and we’ll loose the moment, so we lie in bed and talk quietly! It’s always about old times – how we met, our earlier years, 20 to 30 years ago – the highlights, good times and not so great times; but it is the ending, where we are right now, still so in love, that makes that moment, the most romantic of all the other moments.

    • Yes, there is an acute awareness that the standards of the average man is pretty low in fact it is unreasonably pitiful. I don’t blame all of it on the male gender but we “as women” have to take more responsibility for our actions and come to a place where we honor our temples and create “higher principles” to be treated in a fashion suitable in relationships.

      Romance…I’ll deal with more in another post (smile).

      Still, I love how you put your personal spin and story to it. This is what we all want to hear and feel. Love is personal, about life experience, growth and being teachable. Thank you for sharing your private and tender moments. Giving us “single ladies” something to hope for and expect!

  4. I believe that the two way street is a dance of reciprocation. If love is not reciprocated the road leads to an exit in search for more. On the road of love there must be an expected end that the two drivers both desire and willing to go the extra mile. But if one has another destination they will pass each other by pursuing their own agenda. But when love is interchanged they come to a point of decision based on the move of each other and if God is their guide the two way street becomes a one way road that fulfills, heals, and nourishes the two in perfection though pot holes, rocks, and curiosity are on its way.

  5. Honestly i don’t know anything about love. I still don’t know what real love is. I thought i did but GOD BEGIN TO show me. Plus i could learn on this as well. I love the website its beatiful.

    • Thank you for your comment, Sara. Your honesty and openness is refreshing. Sure we can all learn more about Love. I’m glad that you like this blog site. I hope you make daily appearances. I will be here to address these types of issue that so many of us desire to know about. Stay tuned.

  6. No problem I will try to make it as often as possible. I had my boy friend at 18 with the mindset of knowing what love was when it was not. When all i wanted to do was fill the emptiness that i badly wanted to fill. So i agreed to go by whatever he said. In other words, I put him first instead of putting God first. Now i realize that God can only give the love that i was looking for and filled the emptiness that i carry.

    • Most women who have experienced love in their youth have not only made God second, they have made themselves last at the prospect or idea of love. Once you can identify with who you are, you will have the knowledge and power to make better choices. I want you to know that women even in their older years still make the mistake of putting God second not realizing that they will never get the mate that he has for them this way. Stay under the shadow of his wings and protection will guide you.

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